Stories of impact

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Spotlight on a scholar

Scholarships: Peter and Elizabeth Moore Transforming Futures Scholarship; John, Belle & Richard Miller Bridgewater Scholarships for Opportunity Studying: Bachelor of Psychological Science – Bachelor of Social Science (1st year) Tell us about yourself: I was born and raised in Ulladulla, a small town on the NSW South Coast.

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The art of saying yes

Susie Alderman always approached her time at university by saying yes to as many opportunities as possible, whether it was work experience, volunteering or travel.

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Paying the gift of opportunity forward

When Doris Matlok joined UOW’s then newly established Bachelor of Laws program thirty years ago, it signalled the beginning of what has thus far been a thrilling ride.

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A family’s medical scholarship legacy

Gabrielle and Bernie Zweerman swell with pride when they talk about their son Christopher.

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Unlocking the power of learning

When Jean Clarke and Jack Baker first met at UOW UniBar in 1982, it was a convergence of two inquiring minds and a shared relationship with the University set to endure for years to come.

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A father’s commitment to a cause close to his heart

Bulli’s Michael Crowley remembers clearly the night in 2013 when his daughter, Sharn, told them she had been diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND).

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A message from the Vice-Chancellor

In a year like no other, the University of Wollongong was shaped by bushfires, floods and the global COVID-19 pandemic in our home communities.

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Transforming Futures Scholarships

A new opportunity exists for donors who wish to make a greater impact by establishing a named scholarship within the framework of our flagship equity program, Transforming Futures.

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New leadership at UOW

Continuing our philanthropic vision As we experienced significant changes in our global environment in 2020, the University of Wollongong also made some new leadership announcements, including the appointment of a new Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor to help drive the University into the future, and ensure it remains true to its philanthropic values.

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The power of community

The saying “it takes a village” has never been more relevant.

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Planting the seeds of education

Moving away from home and beginning university is tough enough; throw in a global pandemic and finding your feet in a new environment and it becomes an even bigger challenge.

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Reflections from UOW’s inaugural Ramsay Scholars

The University of Wollongong’s mission to create a new generation of critical thinkers achieved a prime milestone in 2020.

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Closing a gap in Indigenous healthcare

A philanthropic initiative by a Wollongong doctor is allowing the University of Wollongong to play a significant role in addressing a disparity in the healthcare system that has troubled him throughout his career.

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The gift of enduring impact

Longevity of philanthropic giving can make a sustained impact on the lives and futures of many.

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Driving economic prosperity in partnership with the Tibra Foundation

The University of Wollongong (UOW) has commenced a global search for talent to fill the role of Australia’s first philanthropically-funded Chair in Mathematics for more than 100 years.

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Spirit of giving burns bright

The response to the monster bushfires that tore through the NSW South Coast and Southern Highlands last summer displayed the exceptional generosity of UOW staff and the vital importance of our research.

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The Westpac Asian Exchange Scholarship program opens to UOW students

Studying overseas broadens any graduate’s horizon.

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Scholarship opportunity comes full circle

A dedicated scholar, turned academic leader – UOW alumnus, Dr George Wang, is a living example of how supporting an educational dream, can be the springboard to a prosperous and rewarding career.

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Committed to compassion: Committed to community

After the Australian bushfires devastated communities on the New South Wales South Coast, there was barely time to take a breath before the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the planet.

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25 years of supporting students in the Shoalhaven

It was the late former UOW Shoalhaven Campus manager, Dr Ray Cleary, who facilitated vital insights for the local community into the importance of supporting education.

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Sky’s the limit for high-achieving computer science student

Andrea Burazor is not afraid of a challenge.

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Teacher training through cultural immersion in Tanzania

Amanda Handcock and Brianna Throsby are UOW Master of Education students who had never met until a life-changing 14 days in Tanzania brought them together.

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UOW Art Collection: Cultural treasures and contemporary icons

If you slow down and take a walk across UOW’s campus you’ll notice art by some of the most defining artists of the region.  It’s hard to work out who’s the star of the UOW Art Collection – from Indigenous abstracts, traditional landscapes and photographic works to large site-specific sculptures.

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Transforming Futures – celebrating 12 years of impact

Our partnership with our donors inspires and enables the University of Wollongong to create meaningful change.

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Scholarships afford students the chance to thrive

Juliet Gobran can thank her school’s career adviser for his persistence when it came to tips on tackling a university degree.

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Grassroots philanthropy with a big impact

Kim Earp wasn’t a typical first-year university student.

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UOW USA Foundation Travel Grant opens doors and minds

It’s snowing in Boulder, Colorado and early morning classes on campus have been cancelled.

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Alumni mentors give students the edge on their careers

When UOW students stand on the threshold of their careers, having an experienced mentor in their corner can be the edge they need for a successful start in the workplace.

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Emboldening a new generation of critical thinkers

A visionary gift is set to reinvigorate liberal arts education in Australia and equip the trailblazers of tomorrow.

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The power of many

Motor Neurone Disease (MND) can strike without warning and progress rapidly, devastating those in its path.

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Life-changing research: Just a thought away

Biomedical research by a US-based company is taking being connected through our smart phones to a new level.

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Shaking the global tree

When traditional models have failed, it takes vision and courage to seek out new paths to tackling the world’s most pressing issues.

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Improving the delivery of healthcare

With the state of healthcare delivery in Australia primed for reform, the support of generous philanthropy has helped the University of Wollongong to initiate a conversation around patient-focused care.

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Generous donation broadens research horizons

A significant gift from two passionate and generous philanthropists will help University of Wollongong researchers unlock the potential for ground-breaking research at a molecular level.

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A teacher’s passion for education lives on in her bequest

Cynthia Brew knew that even the smallest things can make a difference to someone’s life.

Fortune favours the brave

Suellen Knight’s mother always wanted to be a nurse, so did her grandmother who had volunteered extensively with the Red Cross.

Olivier Ferrer Fund supports bold research

A couple’s passion to see some of the most pressing issues facing our global communities addressed, has prompted them to make a generous and significant financial gift to the University of Wollongong’s (UOW) research capabilities.

Competing for the sustainable edge

The inaugural sustainability keystone initiative for the University, the Sustainable Homes Challenge (SHC) was born from the generosity of former UOW Vice-Chancellor, Emeritus Professor Ken McKinnon AO and UOW alumna Suzanne Walker who made a $1.3 million endowment to UOW in 2016.

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Dreaming of documentaries

Mikayla McGuirk-Scolaro is from Temora, a small town in country NSW, population: 4,500.

Pursuing a better tomorrow

It takes time to change the world and for Nicholas Marin, receiving the University of Wollongong Honorary Chapter Scholarship means not having to choose between academic excellence and continuing his remarkable work in the community.

Bianca Hunt inspires others with her story

When we first met Bianca Hunt in 2018, she was nervous about starting her double degree in psychology and criminology.

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Helping hand reaches out across the century

The formative experiences of a boy born into poverty in London in the early 20th Century has changed the lives of students from rural and regional areas of Australia studying at UOW in the 21st Century.

Rural health check-up

About one-third of the Australian population lives in a rural, regional or remote area, however they don’t enjoy the same high standard of well-being and access to health services as those living in cities.

Final gift deserving of dignity and respect

The study of the human body provides the cornerstone of cutting-edge medical training and research but its delivery relies on a selfless gesture of generosity by people from all walks of life.

The legacy of opportunity

Neither Byron Jones nor Sandra Sartor had the opportunity to go to university.

Transforming Futures transforming lives

In 2010, a young Ben Buckley was worried.

How creativity is changing the community of Bellambi

Bellambi Neighbourhood Centre is buzzing with colour and commotion.

UOW pays tribute to its founding donors

From the very beginning, philanthropy has played a crucial role at the University of Wollongong.

UOW Art Collection: The gift that keeps on giving

The University of Wollongong Art Collection (UOWAC) was founded with a vision of creating a widely accessible and lasting cultural legacy.

Scholarship provided the code for success

Elena Cabello admits that it took a semester of long nights, Googling and asking other students “a lot of weird questions” before she fully connected with the exhilaration that is computer science.

Fighting MND on two fronts

The campaign to raise funds for Motor Neurone Disease (MND) research at the Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute has received a boost from Professor Justin Yerbury and his family who have pledged $35,000 to fund a PhD scholarship.

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Finding a cure for Motor Neurone Disease

About 2000 Australians live with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) which causes progressive degeneration of motor neurones in the brain and spinal cord.

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Working for social change

When students undertake a Social Work degree, they commit to completing 1000 hours of professional placement as part of their study.

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Backing tomorrow’s change-makers

Bethany Cooper first became interested in a career in technology at just 12 years old, learning basic programming and making her own small-scale circuits.

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Sowing the seeds of the future

Richard Miller dedicated his working life to agriculture.

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A gift as good as gold

When Australia’s James Turner crossed the finish line of the 800m T36 sprint event at the 2016 Rio Paralympics, he set a new world record.

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Watering the green shoots of innovation

Professor Ken McKinnon AO and his wife Suzanne Walker know that too often, good ideas never see the light of day.

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The call that changed a life

At the start of 2018, Bachelor of Journalism student Hollie Wornes, like many students starting university, was struggling to pay living expenses and find a good balance between work and study.

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Celebrating the impact of philanthropy

Before Bianca Hunt started her studies at the University of Wollongong, she thought philanthropy was a distant rumour of selfless, generous people.

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A partnership for a fun-filled future

Children rarely walk into the UOW Early Start Discovery Space.

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