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With your support, we will create an ambitious teaching program between our education students and new teachers in Tanzania. Our vision is to dramatically improve the quality of teaching in both countries, transform classroom practice, and give many more children the chance to fulfil their potential.

The case: Transforming teacher training in Tanzania and Australia

In the Babati District in northern Tanzania, parents know the power of education to transform lives. But too many children aren’t able to go to school, because their families can’t afford essentials like school uniforms and books. Many are not able to progress their education at secondary school, and miss a golden opportunity to fulfil their potential, work their way out of poverty and be part of a bright future for their country. Inspiring, fully-trained teachers can make all the difference, but in this district there just aren’t enough. A lack of funding and a rapid growth in student numbers means schools and other institutions are struggling to train quality teachers in the numbers they need.

On the other side of the world, children in Australia also need rounded, grounded and inspiring teachers who can push them to grab the opportunities that come their way. At the University of Wollongong, we seek to give our trainee teachers real-life experiences that broaden their horizons and test their preconceptions. We are committed to developing skilled graduates who are passionate about changing lives through education – and they can only do that if they see for themselves the transformative power of learning in action.

Our response

The University of Wollongong’s Faculty of Social Sciences is working together with So They Can, an Australian not-for-profit organisation which has established a teacher training college in Tanzania, to give children living in poverty the chance of a better future – and to broaden the skills and experiences of teachers in Australia, too.

With your support, we will create a two-way Inspiring Teachers program between the University of Wollongong and the Mamire Teacher Training College in Tanzania. Every year, up to ten of our education undergraduates will travel to Tanzania to work alongside and learn from up to 60 recently graduated volunteer teachers in Babati district. It will give both sets of participants the opportunity to learn and practise alternative classroom techniques from different parts of the world, at both primary and secondary level. Our students will learn new skills and perspectives from head teachers, community groups and college tutors, which they will use in their future teaching careers. In Tanzania, the teachers taking part have the potential to change the lives of some 5,200 school children.

The budget

Today, we are seeking philanthropic investment of $15,000 per year towards the cost of travel and accommodation, and to give our students the teaching resources they need to make a positive difference to teachers and children in Tanzania.

The impact

This project will create far-reaching impact for teachers in Australia and Tanzania and the children they teach:


Our track record

“Our partnership with So They Can is all about empowering children and their families to break the poverty cycle through education. Our students get to see first-hand how education is a partnership, one that extends from learning in the classroom, to the school food gardens that produce the daily hot lunch to the sporting field. By partnering our students with a volunteer teacher graduate in a primary and secondary school in rural Babati, Tanzania, everybody learns and benefits from sharing knowledge, stories and moments of engagement. It opens up our collective social horizons”.

Professor Glenn Salkeld, Executive Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences

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