Digitising and preserving archives for tomorrow’s research

With your support, we will digitise our Library’s unique archives and special collections, and give researchers the resources they need to expand our understanding of the world.

Our challenge

Through our library, we invest heavily to help preserve Australia’s cultural heritage. We value the power of our varied histories to tell us something new and surprising about the world we live in today. For this reason, we are passionate about improving access to the chronicles of different eras. We keep significant collections, archives and individual items that hold regional, national and global research appeal.

However, future generations of researchers can only make use of this content if it is carefully maintained and curated. Conservation and digitisation can be expensive and time consuming, and demand for new resources often exceeds our capacity. We urgently need to preserve our rich and diverse resources through a far-reaching program of digitisation, to ensure nothing of value is lost because it’s difficult to access, or because of damage, degradation or lack of space.

What makes us different

At the University of Wollongong Library and Archives, we work with philanthropic donors and government bodies to acquire and preserve rare and unique items of cultural history:

Our opportunity

With your support, we will invest in an ambitious range of projects and equipment to ensure our unique collections are made available to the researchers of tomorrow, including:

The impact

“We all owe the University of Wollongong a great debt.”

Dangerous Minds online journal, on the digitisation of OZ magazine


By donating my collections to the UOW Library they will be of far more benefit than if held privately.”

Mr Barry Becarevic, UOW alumnus who donated the photographs comprising the Pringle Album as well as a very rare book from 1789 which provides some of the earliest accounts of this period of Australian history.

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